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" World traveler, Guy Ferrer draws from his many stays of work abroad the human matter which animates his work and inspires its spirit. Impassioned by the spiritualities of the world, he offers to us with power his sensitive and poetic vision of Man tightened by Time and facing his paradoxical destiny : the Man is, according to Ferrer, both of light and mud, and one's pathway of life is an initiation. "

Victoria Conti, 2009 


Guy FERRER (1955) is French of Mediterranean origin. He has mainly worked in Paris, in Los Angeles and in several foreign countries in the context of creating temporary studios as New York, Caracas, Lima, Beijing, Johannesburg...
In 2012, the installation of his art studios in French Catalonia marked his return to the Mediterranean. His work, mainly dedicated to sculpture and painting, also explores writing and architecture. Its line of force and main themes are spirituality and the place of Man facing Time. 


Since the 1980s, Guy Ferrer has developed an international career highlighted by exhibitions in numerous galleries.

French Departments and Agencies have recognized the artist : a monumental bronze sculpture for the French embassy in Singapore, a large fresco painted for the French embassy in Bakou (Azerbaijan), sculpture for the French Foreign Affairs central site in Paris. 

The O.E.C.D commissioned and permanently displays the large triptych entitled Liberté-Egalité-Fraternité.

Artistic partnerships have been developed with several companies, Lefranc&BourgeoisLe Bon MarchéChampagne Nicolas FeuillatteChampagne Jacquart, Bordeaux vineyards...

What the artist says :

" The commitment of a lifetime : create, live to create, in the constancy of the renewal, it is exactly what art represents for me - a total commitment and a testimony. Thanks to all the explorations that art allows, I improvise my research, "self-taught" as they say, as if there were any way to do otherwise ! The history of art has opened many paths but has mined them as well !

We must negotiate with the material, give to receive. It is a subtle relationship, harmony is capricious and when it comes, it is still a surprise. What a joy to find sometimes the correct answers to all questions aesthetic and formal. And especially in the question of the meaning of what you are doing. From time to time one finds, but always temporarily. Because what always comes back, and with such a force, the requirement of the path where each completed work barely commands relentlessly to go forward with another work which could be sharper, where exist other possible responses. One must remain open, available as a cup, with open heart and senses. There is always a teaching to receive, either on a artistic level or on the nature of the world. Art is a magical source of knowledge and intuitions. Some secrets whispered from the other side of the visible, as granted by the Great Mystery.


Practicing, working, this is surely the best way to grow a little, share with others, hear a breath of meaning, color the existence, and sweep the vain controversies on the beauty and harmony, eternal forces.

One has to tend his heart and his senses to hear any teaching that might be brought, either on an artistic issue or on the nature of the world. "


Baku (Azerbaijan), June 20, 2000


© Christelle Carle

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